Protect and brighten up the interior or exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint.

For homes that need a little TLC, or for that new look you want without spending a fortune, call us, we can help.

The Minute Men Painters team offers our clients and customers unsurpassed quality workmanship, customer service and product knowledge. We have over twenty years of combined experience, and only hire professional painters to work for us, with you.

Interior /
Exterior Painting

Minute Men Painters is committed to LOW/ NO VOC paints for a more environmentally friendly living space. In some cases, you can be back in your room(s) enjoying your new look the same day, no fumes!

Deck / Exotic
Wood Restoration

Sometimes a new deck or wood cabinets aren’t what you need, but some proper cleaning or restoration will bring them back to life. Minute Men Painters have a full in-house facility that is temperature-controlled, allowing us to handle most projects throughout the year.

Faux & Decorative Painting

Working closely with our clients we sometimes get into some pretty creative finishes. Minute Men Painters carry samples of faux styles and decorative borders, which can help spruce up any space.

Spray Shop

Give new life to your hard-working furniture, cabinets, and other home fixtures. Utilize Minute Men Painters’ spray shop services to provide an instant face lift for worn, rusted, and outdated items.

Residential /
Commercial Painting

From project bidding to office park restoration, Minute Men Painters have been painting all types of spaces with low or no VOC paints. Even with these types of products we have been able to control cost and deliver top quality results.

Water Damage &
Dry Wall Repair

With water damage comes all sorts of problems, either now or in the future. Minute Men Painters provide an exceptional finishing job, essential for a perfect paint job.

Power Washing

While some painting companies try to get-in-and-out as fast as they can, Minute Men Painters take the time to make sure your painting or staining is going to last. The key to this is done through proper preparation, like power washing.

Specialty Painting

  • Chalkboards
  • Whiteboards
  • Bar glazing
  • Furniture glazing